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YASH Silver Anne Delfy

Mina stands up for animals. But can she stand up to her parentsโ€™ killer?
Science, suspense, mystery, nature, and fantasy… Go on a magical adventure
into the Dutch Golden Age with The Warlock and the Wolf by Delfy Hall!

Find out more about the animals in The Warlock and the Wolf from
Delfy below, and unlock your next key in the YA Scavenger Hunt!

One of my favorite parts of writing The Warlock and the Wolf was choosing
which animals would be characters in the book. Here are a few who feature
in the story.

Flop, the orange tabby, always wants Mina to pet him more often.

A mythological animal similar to an eagle owl makes an appearance early in the story.

Mina is astonished when she sees a lynx, which was rare in the Netherlands.

A tree sparrow may be tiny, but in this story she looms large.

Mina meets a wolf who has a nose for witches and warlocks.

The silver fox who lives in the nearby woods holds a clue that Mina needs.

These are just a few of the more than 25 reasons to check out The Warlock and the Wolf!

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